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Using a premium organic cotton, our mask is able to keep to filter out particulate matter, while also allowing you to stay cool and refreshed. The mask is dyed with our signature "ONYX" black organic dye that is used in our other UN2 collection pieces. 

Our signature mask features a design silhouette that embodies geometric minimalism, producing a shape that draws inspiration from traditional Eastern protective headwear, making sure that the face is covered snuggly, preventing particles from entering through gaps and holes commonly found in cheap mass produced masks.

The mask is 100% reusable and can be simply washed after uses to maintain a hygienic use each and every time.


Our masks are one size fits all. We have tested our mask on many many people with all facial shapes and sizes and have come up with this design that can fit snuggly and firmly on everyone.


This product is NOT intended for medical use and is NOT considered medical grade PPE. We have taken great care in our choice of materials, ensuring that our product is able to filter out particulates and airborne pollution, however this product has not been certified for use in environments with direct exposure to harmful chemical compounds or viral pathogens.