It all starts from the finest organic materials

Fabrics spun from premium threads

Artisan dyes

Handcrafted by master craftsmen

From humble beginnings

Conceptualized out of necessity, MIEUX began as a passion project in New York, created by like-minded individuals that believed there was a desperate need for clothing that was both contemporary and modern in design, while maintaining a premium level of quality that was often absent in many other consumer brands.

From the outset, the goal was to create minimal yet sleek garments that we simply felt great wearing. Since the goal was to create a product for ourselves, our primary concern was comfort and quality. We wanted to create premium garments that we could enjoy wearing everyday without the hefty price tag.

The name “MIEUX” was chosen as we believe it precisely mirrors our ideals and philosophies for our creation. “MIEUX”, an adjective pronounced /mjø/ [MEW], in its very definition of “being in an elevated or improved state” is exactly what we wished to create - a movement and philosophy that anyone can improve or elevate themselves no matter who they are or where they came from.

Since quality is our primary concern and top priority, we have strived to ensure only the highest quality of materials were used from start to end in our production process. We therefore worked tirelessly with our production team through every step of the production process. From the sourcing of raw materials, we were extremely selective in the type of natural cotton we chose, ensuring only the finest yarns were spun to produce a truly premium thread for our garments.

With quality and comfort in mind, we decided to forego on mass production in countries that offer cheap labor, a method commonly adopted by large consumer brands in order to save on production costs. Instead, in order to guarantee production quality we turned to a limited production using traditional hand sewn techniques that delivers an artistic and personal touch unobtainable by mass production machines.

Part of our inspiration in the conception of MIEUX was unifying elements from the West and East. Taking the best of both worlds, we have complemented modern western design silhouettes with traditional eastern artisan manufacture techniques to ensure the production of a product that is both current in design, yet timeless in quality.