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The UN2 CROP TOP SWEATER was designed by Jessi for those who like a little more flair. 

The "CLOUD" colorway is our take on the traditional heather gray. We have blended a slightly more vibrant sheen into the regular gray, giving "CLOUD" a vibrancy not found in cheap synthetic chemical dyes. Like all our other products, it makes use of only the finest organic fabrics available.

Jessi’s signature UN2 is embroidered on the center of the chest, while the characteristic MIEUX lotus is inconspicuously embroidered on the left sleeve cuff for an extra element of flavor. The bottom hem features a structured distressed style.

Manufactured with the same premium organic fabric found in all of MIEUX's products, the CROP TOP SWEATER with its open design gives the wearer a level of incomparable comfort, one of the reasons why Jessi can be seen wearing this particular style every other day.

Manufactured ethically from start to finish with 100% premium organic cotton by master artisans in South Korea.


As many of you may have seen, the UN2 "JESSI" PANT is undeniably Jessi's favorite piece of the UN2 collection.

Jessi has personally designed the silhouette to drape effortlessly on all body types, utilizing a cut and fit that highlights and accentuates the figure in the most aesthetic of ways.

The "JESSI" pant was designed with both genders in mind, incorporating an expandable waist with drawstrings that allow for adjustment to suit all body sizes and tastes. Constructed from MIEUX's signature premium fabric, the JESSI PANT is as luxurious as it is minimal. The breathable and natural fibers allow for this piece to be a staple year round. 

Jessi’s signature UN2 is embroidered on the left thigh, and features a wider waist band which provides extra comfort. The JESSI PANT is also dyed with the same "CLOUD" dye as the sweater above.

Manufactured ethically from start to finish with 100% premium organic cotton by master artisans in South Korea.